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(n.) mileshko (mil-ESH-ko):
the most enjoyable
creative production team
to work with in Atlanta 

creating videos
shouldn’t be a hassle . . .

Storyboarding, talent scheduling, scripting, filming, editing, licensing – it’s a lot. Without the right team, you can blow your budget or end up with a video that’s . . . meh. 🤷‍♂️ 

When you partner with mileshko, you gain access to the skill sets of our entire creative team, so you can rest assured that creating awesome videos will be fast and easy 🎉 (like it should be). 

  • “Exceeded our expectations!”

    “I love working with Mileshko! My team recently had a big request with a tight turnaround time, and the Mileshko team jumped right into action to help us meet our deadline. The three videos they produced for us exceeded our expectations!”

    – Annesley Moseley
    Senior Communications Specialist, Chick-fil-A
  • “Create the best quality video with a truly genuine and talented team”

    “Amazing team! My company and I were traveling to Atlanta for a trade show and reached out to Mileshko for help with filming and producing a hype/recap video. Michael and his team were super kind from the beginning, and went above and beyond to help us bring our vision to life (a 30 sec teaser, and 1.5 min long video). I definitely recommend Mileshko for anyone who is looking to create the best quality video with a truly genuine and talented team.”

    – Isabel Tran Senior Marketing Associate, Ambi Robotics
  • “Mileshko is one
    of our most vital partners at

    “I’ve worked with a lot of video production companies over the years, but Mileshko’s professionalism is on a different level. They make the process incredibly simple from creative brief to final deliverable, and are always willing to take pieces of the process off your hands. Their work is great, but their people are even better. They are one of our most vital partners at Chick-fil-A, and are part of the reason we are able to continue to deliver on our brand promise.”

    – Adam Boyle Brand Strategist, Chick-fil-A
  • “Always adaptable and easy to work with.”

    “What an incredible team that works tirelessly to create incredible content to fit your needs! Their work will WOW you and their team is always adaptable and easy to work with!”

    – Jessi Fields Manager of Employee Fitness, Wellstar

bring your video to life
at the speed of business

We deliver in weeks – not months

Don’t wait forever for your video (after all, you needed it yesterday!)  We specialize in delivering professional videos, on average, in 4-6 weeks.

Save Time. Save Money.

Our full-service creative production team means you get your project done faster! (And time is money > money is power > power is pizza.)

Goodbye stress – hello fun!

Whether you need a new training video or a new headshot, we’re here to ensure the production process is fun (not something you dread). We’re here to be your “creative coaches” to ensure only the best performance comes out.  

 Onsite Editing Available

 Average Delivery Time: 4-6 Weeks

  Licensed & Insured

Need your video crazy fast? Schedule a call
and come prepared to talk fast so we can game plan, pack up, and head out. 

but wait,
there’s more!

(cue the infomercial music)

but wait,
there’s more!

(cue the infomercial music)

While video is our bread and butter (and always will be),
photo and graphic design are also our jam.

meet the team
behind the camera

Our fully-staffed team is creative, experienced, and ready to deliver your next video in weeks (not months).

serving y’all

SINCE 1986

🍑 Our Georgia-based team delivers creative content that wows customers, captivates audiences, and trains teams of all sizes. Whether ITP, OTP, or even WOTP (way outside the perimeter), we’re proud to serve Atlanta-area businesses and beyond. 
Plan It
We believe that success doesn’t happen by accident – it’s planned. We’ll meet with you and your team to go over every detail with a fine-tooth comb.
Make It
Time to execute the plan! Whether filming days or photo shooting, here is where the creative rubber meets the road.
Post It
All that hard work has paid off! Now go post it with pride, rock that presentation, or wherever the winds of victory may take you!

schedule a 15-minute discovery call

We know you’re busy – so we’ll keep it quick! We’ll discuss your project, answer your questions, and we’ll even give you a “ballpark estimate” by the end of your call (we know you need an answer fast).