What Does Corporate Video Production Mean?

Corporate Video production is a loaded term.

By definition, a “Corporate Video” is any video that is commissioned by a business, corporation, or entity. So… just about any video ever. But what does corporate video production generally mean in conversation, and when should you use the term?


Generally speaking, when someone refers to corporate video production, they are talking about a $3K-$50K video. You could have some high-end commercials that are pushing a quarter of a million, but those are outliers. Anything over a quarter of a million, we would start categorizing as film production.

Types of Corporate Videos

A common “Corporate Video” might be an About Us Video, Explainer Video, Animated Video, Introduction Video, Internal Communications Video, Marketing Video, Product Video, Client Testimonial Video, Training Video, or Highlight Video.

Below is an example of a Highlight Video our company shot for a corporate client in Atlanta, GA



A Corporate Video is often associated with looking polished or professional. Generally, its purpose is to communicate something clearly and not be super artsy. When someone wants an artsy video they often want a Brand Video or and Creative Video. Corporate Video generally means straightforward and professional. In my experience, when larger corporations talk about Corporate Video, it is almost always internal communications. For smaller companies, the term is used for both outward-facing as well as internal.


Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. A good Corporate Video will be an average of about 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. (One exception to this would be Training Videos, where you have a captive audience and a lot of very important information to convey.)

In Conclusion

Feel free to use the term Corporate Video as a broad category, but when you’re talking about a specific project, go into more detail. You wouldn’t want someone else on your team to assume it will be a $50K video, when you’re planning for something closer to $5K. Plus, it always helps to know you’re confidently using industry-standard terms in the workplace!

Take a look at some more examples of corporate video production here.

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