5 Things to Look for in a Corporate Event Photographer

Hiring the right photographer for a corporate event is a challenging task. You only have one chance to document your event , so hiring the right people is crucial. 

Here are 5 essential things to look for in a corporate event photographer:

1. Portfolio & Technical Skills

Experience is the most significant factor in finding someone who can capture perfect event photos. Look for a photographer who has a professional portfolio of significant events. Pay attention to the diversity of events they have covered.  Assess the quality of their work and whether it aligns with the style you want. Their portfolio should show events like yours – i.e., outdoors, concert lighting, and speaking events. 

What to ask:

  • Do you have samples similar to my event?  
  • How do you handle low-light or challenging lighting situations in event spaces?
  • Do you have any memberships to professional organizations or any certifications?

2. Professionalism and Reliability

Professionalism is always important, but is especially crucial in a corporate setting. The photographer you choose will reflect on both you and your company.

Pay attention to their email and phone etiquette; don’t be afraid to ask questions. They should be open to answering and discussing any specific requirements or preferences you may have. Check references or read reviews to gauge their reliability and professionalism in delivering the final product on time. 

What to look for:

  • Timely responses
  • Professional communication
  • Solid references

3. Understanding of Corporate Culture

A photographer who understands corporate culture will be better equipped to capture your event’s key moments and nuances. They already understand the type of shots relevant in a corporate context. They should also proactively plan for the event, asking about key moments, VIPs, and any specific shots you want.

At the shoot, you want your photographer to be punctual, dressed professionally, and able to interact appropriately with event attendees. Remember, the photographer’s conduct reflects on your company,

These things can tip you off to potential problems before you hire:

  • Do they act and dress professionally?
  • Do they have proper insurance or other legal paperwork you might need?
  • Have they demonstrated the ability to prepare for the event by asking questions about key moments and VIPs?

4. Deliverables

Depending on your corporate event, your photography needs can vary. Before you hire, figure out what you will need to end up with as a final result. How many usable photos are you looking for? What kind of usage rights do you need to have? 

Ensure they can meet your deadline and provide exactly what you need to utilize your event photos. Consider how you’ll use the photos from your event immediately and in the future.

What to ask for:

  • A contract that protects both parties well and gives you the rights that you need to be able to use your photos
  • A timeline for editing and delivering final files
  • The type of final files that will be delivered
  • Details on their approval process

5. Personnel

Corporate events can be large and difficult to cover if only one photographer is running around. One person can’t be in two places simultaneously, so you’ll likely miss out on some good shots. Ask about your photographer’s team and if they have contingency plans for unforeseen circumstances. Consider your event’s size and itinerary when evaluating a corporate photographer, and choose one with a team to support your event’s goals.

What to ask:

  • What is your backup plan if a team member gets sick or a piece of equipment fails? 
  • Are you able to get shots of everything on my itinerary?
  • Will you have enough people to cover the entire venue?

Wrapping up…

Take the time to meet with potential corporate event photographers beforehand to discuss your expectations, ask questions, and get a sense of their personality and working style. 

Select a photographer whose expertise ensures stunning photographs of your event and complements and enhances your company’s image.

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