5 Video Production Challenges (and how to handle them)

Producing a high quality corporate video is no small feat. It takes a team of qualified experts dedicated to the production, a budget, and a whole lot more.  Navigating the “reel world” brings a set of video production challenges that you might not be prepared for. 

Here are 5 of the most common video production challenges that we’ve encountered, and some strategies to overcome them.

⌛1. Time Constraints 


Tight deadlines can be a significant challenge, especially when videos are needed for time-sensitive events or campaigns. Producing videos under tight timelines can result in a less than stellar finished product or missed opportunities.


  • Use time efficiently by meticulously organizing the production schedule
  • Establish realistic deadlines and hold people accountable
  • Utilize on-site editing services, which can cut down significantly on turnaround time

💸2. Budget Constraints


There can be high expenses associated with quality corporate video production, including equipment, talent, and post-production costs. Limited funds or budget constraints can hinder the production process.


  • Save by consolidating shoots, and use one shoot to get footage for multiple videos
  • Minimize editing costs by having a clear plan from the beginning
  • Be diligent with location and talent scouting
  • Cut down the video length by being concise and deliberate about what to include

📝3. Project Management


Coordinating between various stakeholders, scheduling, and ensuring that the project stays on track can be cumbersome.


  • Implement a single system that all collaborators can use, and keep it updated and accurate with tasks and deadlines.
  • Create a communication plan that everyone uses so that messages are centralized.
  • Consolidate feedback into specific versions that match the timeline that was established.

🖼️ 4. Creative Direction


Too many voices pulling in different directions can result in frustration and a substandard final product because there’s lots of creative visions instead of a single, unified direction.


  • Embrace compromise
  • Define clear roles and responsibilities
  • Solidify the concept and script early, so that there’s a clear path forward
  • Find the right balance between creative ideas and corporate message

🎥 5. Technical Challenges 


Unexpected technical issues with lighting, sound, recording equipment, and more can be disruptive to both budgets and timelines.


  • Regular equipment maintenance 
  • Having backup gear on hand can prevent delays


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