What Not to Wear (Headshot Edition)

Knowing what not to wear for your headshot can help prevent common mistakes people make when choosing their headshot wardrobe. A well-crafted headshot can speak volumes about your personality and professionalism, and we’re here to help you achieve that.

In this article, we’ll explore the dos and don’ts of headshot attire to ensure that you make the right choices and leave a lasting, positive impression. 

Now, let’s dive into the world of headshot photo wardrobe!

What Not to Wear for Your Headshot 

Clothing with visible logos

You might have noticed that logos on TV or other video productions often get blurred out to prevent them from being recognized. This usually isn’t censorship due to specific rules about showing corporate logos/brands in productions they’re not involved with. A small embroidered polo logo is OK, but avoid anything larger than a quarter. Better yet, steer clear of logos altogether (unless it’s your company’s logo, of course!)


Especially watch out for closely-spaced stripes! Fun fact: in photography and video production, stripes can create a strange visual phenomenon known as “moire.” [insert graphic with examples] Moire can be distracting and look unprofessional, so here’s a basic guideline to avoid it: don’t wear any stripes or spaces thinner than your thumb. To be cautious, it’s best just to avoid them altogether. 

Wild patterns

Speaking of patterns, stripes aren’t the only type to steer clear of. Limit patterns that are very busy, bright, or distracting in any way. The focus should be on YOU! If you wear a pattern, make sure it’s simple and subtle and somehow reflects your company’s branding.

what not to wear for your headshot clothing patterns

Statement jewelry

Big, bold jewelry is great, but in a headshot, it could steal the spotlight (literally) and age the image. Stay away from anything trendy and go for classic, timeless pieces. Whether it’s a giant watch or oversized drop earrings, avoiding anything that takes over visually is best. A small pendant or a simple chain will go a long way. 

what not to wear for your headshot jewelry example

Wrinkled clothes

This one goes without saying – wrinkled or unkempt is NOT the look you probably want for your professional headshot. Take the extra time to steam or iron your wardrobe so your headshots look sharp and clean. 

Baggy clothes

Baggy clothes won’t do you any favors in your headshot. They can make you look larger. Instead, opt for well-fitting, tailored clothes that make you feel great. Your confidence will show in your posture, and you’ll get a headshot you can be proud of. Thank us later.

So, what should you wear to your headshot?

  • A simple top that doesn’t steal the spotlight
  • Colors or subtle patterns that reflect your company’s branding
  • Clean, crisp clothes that fit you well
  • Subtle jewelry or accessories, as minimal as possible
  • Light powder or makeup to reduce shine
  • A smile!


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