Atlanta Video Production Company Tricks & Secrets

What Does Corporate Video Production Mean in 2021?

Corporate Video production is a loaded term. By definition, a “Corporate Video” is any video that is commissioned by a business, corporation, or entity. So… just about any video ever. So what do…

Video Production Crew In Atlanta, Georgia

Say you’re a video marketing company in California and you have a client in Atlanta who needs some video. You don’t have time or money to fly out a crew and film it yourself. A quick and easy solut…

Video Production Jobs In Atlanta

So you want a video job in Atlanta? My name is Michael and I am the guy holding the camera rig below. I work for a video production company in Atlanta called Mileshko. I will show you where to look…

How to Find a Video Company Near Me | Video Production in Atlanta, GA

So let’s say you’ve been tasked with finding a video production crew in your area and have no clue where to start. You might have gotten so far as typing “Atlanta Video Production” in Google, only …

Video Pricing Guide

When it comes to spending your hard-earned $$$ on professional video production, you want to make sure the prices you’re paying are fair! Pricing within “the arts” (graphics, fine art, animation, p…


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