Our Team

Making professional videos and photos should be fast and fun, but it is not always that way. That’s why we created an in-house team of creative professionals to make it easy for you to crank out content like a pro! Over the last 35 years, we have delivered thousands of projects to our clients right here in Atlanta, Ga. 

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Mileshko Makes It Easy

Mileshko helps our clients crank out content like pros. Making professional videos and photos can be complex and overwhelming. Our team makes it easy! We believe that making visual content should be fast and fun! We know what it takes to make videos that are effective.


We have helped content managers and producers in the Atlanta area crank out thousands of projects over the past 35 years. As a video production company in Atlanta, GA, we are able to serve our clients quickly and efficiently when they need videos, photos, animations, or graphic design. 






1021 Wedgewood Ct.
Woodstock, GA 30189
United States

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