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When it comes to spending your hard-earned $$$ on professional video production, you want to make sure the prices you’re paying are fair! Pricing within “the arts” (graphics, fine art, animation, photography, video) can vary wildly, and it’s hard to know what to expect. We believe in transparency with our clients and put together a pricing guide to professional video production below!

So How much should video cost?

A good rule of thumb for video is:
One minute of finished video should cost around $1,500 – $2,500

This example is a 2.5 minute video that cost $4,500 = $1,800 per finished minute.

The range in price-per-minute is due to any number of factors that cost our team more time and money. Travel expenses, specific gear required, and time on set are all factored into our quoting process.

Could it be cheaper, but still effective?

Sure, you could hire your 2nd cousin (once-removed) for $500, but this is a very “high-risk, low-reward” situation. Mistakes, uncomfortable cuts, and low quality will all distract from the impactful message you’re trying to deliver. A poorly executed video could leave a bad taste in the mouths of potential customers, and even the ones already familiar with your business.

With that in mind, there IS a way to create effective, professional videos for a lower cost.

Our secret to affordable video…

Most video production companies in Atlanta (ours included) have half day and full day rates factored into the base of their cost. This means that if you shoot 5 videos in a day (opposed to just one) the only major cost difference will be the editing. Creating videos in bulk can actually drive down the cost to well under $500/finished minute…while still delivering a gorgeous, professional product!

This is 1 of 9 videos that we shot in one full day.

The total cost was $9000 for a total of 30 minutes of finished video. That’s just $300 per finished minute!

Other ways to cash in on an efficient shoot day:

Still only need the one video? Another secret to get more value out of a single shoot day is that a multi-faceted team (like Mileshko) can get photographic content for you during the video shoot! Taking still shots for social media, website, or marketing needs while shooting the original video makes the money you spent go a little further, and would still be cheaper than booking us for a photoshoot on another day!

Should you ever pay for $20K video?

Technology is at the point where, if you know what you’re doing, you can produce high quality videos quickly and efficiently for less money than ever before! Because of that, you should definitely think twice before paying a production company 20K for professional video production in Atlanta.

But, there are of course, exceptions and special cases in which a $20K is neccesary. If your video has to be shot in multiple locations over multiple shoot days, or needs to be incredibly cinematic and polished in order to be effective, then $20K may be a fair budget.

For example, this video cost more than our usual rule of thumb because the company wanted to show specific people in the organization.

These people all had different schedules and were in different locations, which meant more shoot days and more traveling. But Wellstar knew it was necessary to for the video to be effective. The budget for this video was $10K, and at 1.5 minutes long, that brings us to 6.6K/finished minute.

The effectiveness? Well, this video went on to be one of the most viewed videos in the organization and received a tremendous amount of feedback, not to mention inspired thousands within the organization. It is a great example of when spending more money to create an effective video does pay off.
The bottom line is, the money you spend on video content should be justified only by the effectiveness of the content for your project or business.
We want everyone to have a great experience with video production in Atlanta, no matter what company you choose to work with. Hopefully you feel more confident on the subject of pricing, and are ready to dive into your next project. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great video your audience will love and share! We’re here to help.
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