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Video Production Crew In Atlanta, Georgia

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Say you’re a video marketing company in California and you have a client in Atlanta who needs some video. You don’t have time or money to fly out a crew and film it yourself. A quick and easy solution is to hire a production crew who is already based in Atlanta to shoot the video. Then have that crew upload everything and your company edit it. This is a great solution, but there are some things to watch out for when doing this. Here are a few tips and questions to ask as you find a local production crew to hire.

  1. When looking for a production company based in Atlanta one important question that you need to ask is if the company will work as “white-labeled” employees of your company. Basically, you don’t want the crew to steal your client so you want to make sure that they are okay working on your behalf and not promoting themselves while on the shoot.

  2. Next, you want to find out if the quality of the production company will meet your client’s standards. This can usually be done by watching the production companies reel and a few of their projects they show off on their website.

  3. Another small but very important thing to ask is how fast the production companies’ internet is. This will determine how fast you are going to receive the footage on your end and be able to edit it and get it to your client.

  4. Next, you probably will want to get a quote and make sure you can still make a profit on the project.

  5. As you get into pre-production make sure you OVER COMMUNICATE. Make it as clear as possible to all parties exactly what is happening on the shoot day.

  6. Be there virtually for the shoot! Being there virtually can help out a lot as things often change on the shoot day and is also a good idea for quality control. Zoom, Facetime, Google Meet are all great platforms to call in on.

I hope these tips help as you look to hire the right crew in Atlanta.

Mileshko has been hired by production companies all over the world to shoot videos for their clients here in Atlanta. We saw an increase in this type of workflow during Covid, out of necessity, but it has continued to be a cost-effective way for companies to get the video they need for their clients quickly.

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