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Mileshko is your go-to creative partner to deliver videos, photos, and graphic design.

On-Site Editing Available

Onsite video editing enables real-time collaboration and quick revisions, ensuring a faster and more accurate final product that aligns with your vision.

Approved Vendor

We have badges! No worries about signing us in or going through security. We have the necessary credentials to serve wherever you need.

Average Delivery Time: 3-6 weeks

Need content in a hurry? We offer on-site editing to make it happen.

Here's what Christine has to say...

“If your business is looking to utilize creative production services, I would absolutely go with Mileshko. Not only are they going to help you better your product and deliver whatever your vision is, but they’re going to make it easy, walk you through every step of the way, coach you through the process, and it’s going to be really fun.”
Christine Callaway
Wellstar Well-Being Coaching Consultant

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We could talk about our services all day, but we’re guessing you’d rather see us in action. Take a look at some of our projects!

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How it works

Step 1: Pre-Production

You’ll consult with our Creative Director and nail down the budget and timeline. We’ll develop a creative concept, and script, and plan logistics. All you have to do is approve!

Step 2: Production

We handle everything: coordinating crew and talent, scouting location if necessary, and bringing in all the best-in-class equipment. Our in-house creatives capture all the footage we need to bring the vision to life. Then, we edit, add sound design, and revise based on your feedback.

Step 3: Delivery

You’ll receive your final video, ready to be shared with your audience!

Ready, Set, Go!

Tobias is our dedicated Wellstar Producer (see, we’re serious about making this easy for you). Tobias is awesome and will make the whole process simple. Schedule a call with him today to kick off your project.