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What to Wear to Your Video Shoot | Video Production in Atlanta, GA


One of the first questions we get when doing corporate video production in Atlanta is…”What do I wear”? It may seem simple, but this is actually one of the most important things to consider when showing up to your video interview shoot! Jangly jewelry or dizzying patterns can really distract from the message of the content, so let’s go over a few “Do’s” and “Don’ts” when it comes to preparing for your time on camera.

DO wear neutral or company colors.

We want your personality to shine during your shoot, but it’s best to keep your outfit from doing all the talking. However, variety is the spice of life, so unless specifically instructed to wear your company uniform, it does make for a more interesting video if everyone is wearing something a little different.

**DON’T wear clothing with visible logos.

You might have noticed in documentaries or other video productions when someone will have a blurred-out a graphic on their hat or t-shirt. Most of the time this isn’t censorship; it’s due to certain rules about showing corporate logos/brand in productions they’re not involved with. A small embroidered polo logo is fine, but stay away from anything larger than a quarter.

DO opt for simple patterns.

Patterns are totally fine as long as they are subtle! We suggest you stay away from neon shapes, super tightly-repeating stripes, and bright animal prints. (We loved the 80’s too, but let’s leave it in the past.)

**DON’T wear tightly-spaced stripes.

Fun fact: closely-space stripes in photography and video production can create a strange visual phenomenon known as “moire”. It can be distracting and look a little unprofessional so we use a “rule of thumb” for stripes; don’t wearing any stripes or spaces thinner than your thumb.

DO wear button-ups, polos, & light jackets/blazers.

These are the classic unsung heroes when it comes to professional or business-casual attire. Simple, sharp, and comfortable is how we do video production in Atlanta.

DO wear subtle jewelry & accessories.

Statement jewelry is fun, but has a habit of stealing the spotlight (literally) when it comes to corporate video production. Look for something that will subtlety compliment your outfit, like a small pendant or simple chain. (Guys, this goes for giant watches and belt buckles as well!)

**DON’T wear anything noisy (visually or audibly)

We completely respect the significance jewelry plays when it comes to certain cultures and religions, but if possible, try to pare down the amount you need to wear for your interview shoot. Large pieces may blind the camera, while many small pieces can create an audio nightmare for our editor. If it jingles when you move or talk, see if you have another option.

DO wear pants/slacks with pockets.

While you may be wearing sweatpants and leggings a lot more in your new work-from-home routine, take the opportunity to break out your business slacks and give them a nice ironing. A structured pant with crisp lines and pockets will look sharp on video in case we take full-length shots. (Not to mention the pockets will help hold a battery pack if we have to mic you up.)

DO wear makeup to minimize shine (guys too).

Guys and gals alike; there’s nothing wrong with a little powder! Everyone has different skin types, so you probably know by now if yours has a habit of getting shiny throughout the day. It’s always a great idea to keep some blotting papers or powder around. (Especially in Atlanta, GA where the humidity stays at 100%.)

**DON’T wear glasses, unless you wear them most of the day.

If you just carry glasses around for reading or certain scenarios, keep them in your bag. Also, unless you’re an A-list celebrity (which we’re prepared to run into, doing video production in Atlanta), we will ask you take off your sunglasses during the video shoot.


Want to look like a total pro when you show up to your video shoot? Keep in mind that we may need to attach a mic to the outside of your shirt. The best case for this is having lapels available via a light jacket or blazer, but we can also work with a button-up collar or clip it to the neckline of a scoop/vneck top.

Based on what we’ve learned from 30+ years doing video production in Atlanta, this guide will have you looking and sounding your very best during the shoot. Show up to set feeling comfortable, confident, and ready to deliver those lines!

Of course, if you have any questions or something you think we missed, feel free to contact us at